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Tesco have recalled three of their free from crisp merchandise as a result of undeclared gluten – the three merchandise are Onion Rings, Bacon Rashers and Cheese Flavour Balls. Solely the batch from one explicit date have been recalled.

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On the first July, Tesco recalled three of their free from crisp merchandise as a result of undeclared gluten. All three merchandise are labelled as gluten free which is sort of a priority. Word, this is not on the frozen battered free from onion rings it’s the crisp model.

Solely the batch with the most effective earlier than date of the sixteenth December 2023 have the recall on them, so finest guess is one thing has occurred throughout manufacturing on the day of that batch that has led the producer to imagine gluten is current. I do not know for positive because it would not go into element.

When you’ve got any of those crisps with this finest earlier than date return them to level of sale for a refund.

Do you know, the bacon rashers and cheese balls you do not have to get from the free from aisle? Relying what supermarkets you have got close by, save your self some pennies, Sainsburys common personal model bacon rashers or Asda bacon bites are each positive for coeliacs. On the subject of the cheese balls so long as you do not want dairy free too all of the grocery store personal model cheese balls are positive.

Onion rings by means of as a special matter and all house manufacturers of the common crisps comprise wheat.


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