Gluten Free Easter Eggs 2024 | Blogs

It’d solely be January however Easter is quick approaching (and this yr it’s sooner than regular) and most supermarkets have already got a full aisle of Easter Eggs in retailer regardless of Valentines Day and Moms Day occurring earlier than Easter!

As a chocoholic although, I’m not complaining! I simply wish to know what’s gluten free and protected for me to eat this yr. Final yr appeared fairly sparse with the eggs however there’s truly numerous common eggs and treats that are gluten free this yr in addition to being A LOT of free from choices round too. If you’re solely gluten free, typically there are many choices exterior the Free From ones which can be protected so no want to stay to these within the Free From aisle, however in case you are dairy free too then these will just about be your decisions as they’re designed to be gluten and dairy free (typically simply labelled as Vegan too, relying on model)

Many of the regulars which can be gluten free are in there, bear in mind to be careful for pesky might comprises as I’ve seen a couple of that have been superb final yr now have the warning, however there’s nonetheless loads of alternative from the favorite mini eggs and creme eggs to KitKat Bunnies and even Baileys eggs! Please observe that mini egg bar shouldn’t be protected, it was a few years in the past however since 2023 has had a might comprise warning, similar with Smarties Mini Eggs

Here’s a checklist of all of the gluten free decisions I may discover across the supermarkets. There possibly extra round that I have not seen so be happy to drop them within the feedback!

Chocolate Mini Eggs
Darkish Mint Chocolate Easter Egg

Free From Eggstreme Easter Egg (Dairy Free
Free From Honeycomb Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From Orange Choccy Bertie Bunny (Dairy Free)
Free From Strawberry and White Chocolate Luna Lamb (Dairy Free)

Free From Caramel & Honeycomb Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From Darkish Chocolate Egg with Vanilla Truffles (Dairy Free)
Free From Easter Egg Hunt Field (Dairy Free)
Free From Egg Choice (Dairy Free)
Free From Rocky Street Egg (Dairy Free)

Authentic Easter Egg
Strawberry and Cream Easter Egg

Caramel Crunch Choccy Egg and Caramel Nougat Bar (Dairy Free)
Honeycomb Blast Choccy Egg and Bar (Dairy Free)

Buttons Easter Egg (Milk and White)
Caramel Eggs
Caramel Egg Easter Egg
Caramel Nibbles Easter Egg
Creme Eggs (White and Milk)
Creme Egg Easter Egg (White and Milk)
Crunchie Easter Egg
Crunchie Inclusions Easter Egg
Dairy Milk Chunky Easter Egg (NOT common Dairy Milk or Marble, solely the chunky)
Flake Easter Egg
Mini Eggs (regular and orange)
Mini Eggs Easter Egg
Spring Sharing Field
Twirl Easter Egg (Milk and Orange)
Wispa Easter Egg
Wispa Gold Easter Egg

Chocolate Bunnies

Actually Good Egg (Dairy Free)

Minstrels Easter Egg
Ripple Easter Egg

Eggs Galore
Jelly Bunnies

Bunny Determine
Egg Hunt Equipment
Mini Eggs
Mini Figures
Shock Eggs

Bluey Easter Egg
Paw Patrol Easter Egg
Peppa Pig Easter Egg

KitKat Milk Chocolate Bunny

Strawberries and Cream Easter Egg
White Chocolate Mini Eggs
White Chocolate Easter Egg

Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs
Chicky Chocky Easter Egg
Chirpy Chick
Chocosaurus Rex
Muddle of Kittens Field
Coco the Kitten
Colin the Caterpillar Large Face
Colin the Caterpiller Wiggle Hunt
Curly the Cockapoo
Dippy Eggs Mini Whips
Dougal the Pet
Eggsta Gooey Caramel Eggs
Flossy the Highland Cow
Large Whippy Dippy Bar
Mint Choc Speckled Eggs
Nibbles the Bunny
Orange Choccy Easter Egg
Orange Choccy Speckled Eggs
Pack of Puppies Candies
Percy Pig Large Face
Percy Pig Nice Egg-scape
Percy Pig Snuffle Hunt
Salted Caramel Espresso Martini Egg
Stable Milk Choccy Eggs
Swiss Mini Eggs
Totally Nutterly Easter Egg

M&M Chocolate Egg Sharing Bag
M&M Milk Chocolate and Peanut Egg
Skittles Easter Egg

Jelly Babie Chicks

Bunny Bar (Dairy Free)
Caramel Crammed Mini Eggs (Dairy Free)
Choccy Mini Eggs (Dairy Free)
Egg Hunt Field (Dairy Free)
Rocky Street Easter Egg (Dairy Free)

Mini Speckled Egg

Bounty Easter Egg
Aero Easter Egg (Milk and Mint)
Aero Mini Eggs
Milkybar Easter Egg
High quality Avenue Assortment Unimaginable Easter Egg
Snickers Easter Egg

Caramel Egg and Bar (Dairy Free)
Choc Egg and Mini Bars (Dairy Free)
Choc Fudge Bunny (Dairy Free)
Cookie Dough Bunny (Dairy Free)
Cookie Dough Crunch Easter Egg and Bunny (Dairy Free)
Egg & Lolly (Dairy Free)
Monsters Crispy Easter Egg (Dairy Free)
Final Egg (Dairy Free)

Chocolate Orange And Caramel Crist Egg (Dairy Free)
Espresso Martini Choc Egg (Dairy Free)

Peanut Butter Creme Egg
Peanut Butter Eggs (White and Milk)
Peanut Butter Cup Easter Egg

Fruit Pastille Easter Egg

Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs (Milk and White)
Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs Easter Egg

Free From Chocolate Egg with Buttons (Dairy Free)
Free From Cluckie The Chick (Dairy Free – White and Milk)
Free From Popping Sweet Bar (Dairy Free)
Free From White Chocoate Crunch Egg (Dairy Free)

Easter Marshmallows
Eggsploding Popping Sweet Eggs
Free From Milk Choc Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From Rocky Street Egg (Dairy Free)
Free From White Caramel and Biscuit Egg (Dairy Free)
Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs
Swiss Chocolate Mini Eggs